How do you close your damn world map?

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I think the topic says it all.

I don't know if I'm stupid, or if the function to close the map is DLC.

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Jagged Alliance Official Map Interactivity DLC pack!


- Open/Close the map

- Navigate the map

- Choose from three different maps!

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Not sure if I understand the question or not. When you open the world map you are essentially leaving the zone you are in. To get back into a zone select the squad, and then right click (or whatever button moves the squad) on top of the zone marker to have your squad reenter the zone.

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You're thinking of it wrong. The world map is the default game screen - you open and close the location screens (if you have a squad there).

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Thanks guys! <3

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map pro-tips:

you move faster on roads, there is an option on top to always choose the fastest route. And you can shift+queue movement commands.

Also, the position you are in the map is where you start on that specific location. So you can choose where you want your guys to start before clicking the location icon.

So you can move to a certain spot in the map and shift+queue the location icon, your squad will move there and then load the map, instead of just entering on the farthest point of that location.

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