my mercs are all exhausted

#1 Posted by spyder335 (540 posts) -

do they have to sleep.

how do they regain energy

#2 Posted by Savage (436 posts) -

You probably need to let them rest on the worldmap. As they travel, their maximum stamina decreases, and unless you let them rest for a while to recover it, they'll enter sectors with their stamina capped. When traveling to a new sector (especially a hostile one), it's often a good idea to halt your mercs right outside the sector and pass some time to let their stamina (red bars) all refill, then go ahead and enter the sector.

#3 Posted by Vodun (2393 posts) -

@spyder335: Just let time pass on the world map, their red bar will fill up again. It's the same for health if they've taken enough damage to deplete their maximum. I do believe health regens even if you move though, but slower.

#4 Posted by Tennmuerti (8370 posts) -

You can also use some food and drinks to bump the stamina bar maximum back up on the combat map.

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