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This question isn't nearly as interesting for BIA as it was for Jagged Alliance 2, which had a lot more personality and the skill development was more meaningful; but I'm curious about your starting squad. I went with Grunty, Malice and Igor (who only joined after Grunty did) and it's been a solid team even though there is really low medical and mechanical skill.

Malice got some vital early stealth kills, Grunty has done low-level healing and I gave him the best rifles for long-range use, and Igor has been heavy backup for Malice in case stealth attacks go wrong. It's not a great team, but it's worked so far (except for the SAM site referenced in another thread), especially after finding some lucky weapons caches and diamonds.

I'm just curious how you started your teams, and more importantly, if you've already restarted, who did you select based on what you learned?

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I started with my favorite team from JA2: Grunty, MD, and Hitman. Hitman is my long range shooter, Grunty is my point man, and MD is my medic and rear guard. At first I was extremely cautious in my movement around the airport, only attacking when a guard was isolated and all three of my guys were in position. As things progressed, I found it was just as effective and much faster to fire and maneuver with overwatch. This team isn't very good for stealth or a fast assault, but they're great for laying down a lot of fire and brute forcing an encounter. Once I secured the mine, I added Buns and Wolf to my team. Again, two of my favorites from JA2. My biggest complaint of the game so far is that the voice acting is atrocious. Not that it was particularly great in JA2, but the characters had more character, and Hitman didn't sound like a Southern Pedophile.

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Yeah, Wolf is crazy good, I actually restarted the game mid-way because I wanted to start the game with him instead.

He has the gunslinger trait (which lets you shoot from the hip (running stance) without the penalty) and he is a shotgun expert. You can basically run around the corner or in a door, and shoot from the hip with your shotgun, no one will ever shoot faster than him, completely destroy close quarters. he can also repair, heal and decent explosives for nades.

I also got Thor, he has really nice aim and stealth, and can heal.

I'm planning on getting lynx next, and I can pretty much finish the whole game with those three.

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I originally went with Fox, Grunty, and Barry. I restarted later though and went with Fox, Grunty and Igor since I didn't find explosives very important in the early game.

I think my starting lineup in JA2 looked very similar.

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@Fearbeard: I started with Fox, Grunty, and Igor as well...although I'm having a problem even completing the first mission because I'm running out of ammo and can't figure out how to buy more. Any tips? 
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@MB: For starters make sure to keep all your weapons on single shot to start. You'll have plenty of ammo for burst later on, but single shot will improve your accuracy and save your ammo. I usually give Grunty's SMG to Fox since she is in expert in them. She's actually a decent shot with it. Also make sure to loot the enemies. You aren't likely to find any ammo for Igor's AK but you might be able to find some 9mm rounds for the SMG. Also if you find a pistol that uses .45 or .357 rounds then give that to Grunty and pass any remaning 9mm rounds to Fox.

Once you clear the airport you can buy some ammo from one of the guys there, and also you can use the online shop to buy pretty much any ammo you need (you just have to wait for it to be delivered)

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My starting team: 

  • Fox - for heals, and she has good stats for shooting
  • Barry - has crazy good explosives, only needs 1 level up to be able to fully fix weapons, AND he has good marksmanship and amazing perception. Making him a one man swiss army knife for arming/disarming explosives, fixing all my gear, lockpicking all doors, and a solid shot
  • Malice - for melee, took him over other melee experts because his agility and dexterity are also high, making him hit first in melee, (melee is kind of OP)
Sold the 2 sets of diamonds to recruit Shadow and a .50 cal sniper. But after patches my game keeps crashing, so progress is nil for now :(
@MB said:
@Fearbeard: I started with Fox, Grunty, and Igor as well...although I'm having a problem even completing the first mission because I'm running out of ammo and can't figure out how to buy more. Any tips? 
Melee is crazy good in this game. You can frequently close the distance before they can get a shot off especially if using corners/los to get closer. No one can shoot when engaged in melee and resort to using rifle buts etc. Also any starting melee expert can basically one shot an enemy.  (If you're set on your team give Igor a knife to jack dudes when out of bullets.) For first missions using signle shot instead of burstfire is advised, firing from the hip (unless a character has gunslinger trait like Wolf) will result in shit aim. So it's best to go into firing stance or into crouch for better acuracy. I prefer to have at least "likely to hit" before opening fire.
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Yeah melee seems pretty powerful, I've never really used it, but I can see it's advantages. Though a SMG burst in hip fire mode usually keeps me safe from the chargers.

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@MB: Both @Fearbeard and @Tennmuerti have good advice. The only addition I have is to try to set up each attach as an ambush. Whether it's just isolating one stand-alone guy from multiple angles, or literally laying an ambush for folks to run into; but if you can set yourself before the attacks, that helps save some ammo.

That, and once you clear the airport, you can buy ammo from the guy in the hangar immediately. Also, when you finally start to ship equipment from the online store, it shows up in the hangar in the southeast part of the map, behind the metal gate.

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