Well hell...i guess that's game over.

#1 Posted by Sin4profit (2948 posts) -

So within my 61st hour of playing Jagged Alliance BIA I had reach the Palace, the end game as i made my push through with two squads of salty mercenaries...and then the power went out. So upon reloading the game i find that all my saves have disappeared. The files are still in the folder but the game refuses to recognize them...so that's it, 61 hours and in the final level i don't get to finish...

...just like prom night. [ba-dum tsss]

Anyway, As for my opinion on the game, i liked it for the most part, it has it's fair share of jank and when that jank is responsible for getting you killed in a frustrating situation it's infuriating. It also has some terrible design choices as far as how items are traded between your mercenaries but overall i think it plays well and there were a few points were i felt like i was strategizing rather then just overpowering my way through, which is a lot of what the final hours of the game feel like.

So that's all i get for 61 hours, now i'll just watch the WMV files for the outro and pretend like i finished.

...just like prom night.

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I'm kind of curious, could you upload those save files?

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I'm sorry dude. While you were sitting there losing every modicum of forward progress, I was busy raiding that bitch with my finely-tuned team of mercenary badasses.

... just like prom night.

#4 Posted by CptBedlam (4453 posts) -

@Sin4profit: Have you played the original JA2? If you didn't, you should! It's incredible and much better than this mediocre remake.

#5 Posted by BigChickenDinner (766 posts) -

You guys went to prom?

#6 Posted by Sin4profit (2948 posts) -

@CptBedlam: I restarted JA2 three times until i got a feel for it's many parts and, when i felt i was ready to really play it by the third do-over, the priest i was suppose to talk to in the beginning of the game wasn't there so that knocked the wind out of my sails and i never went back. It's one i may go back to eventually, though.

#7 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6297 posts) -

I heart this thread. Seriously, you're all aces.

And while you guys were at prom, I was busy giving it to the Spanish teacher. I have no idea what that translates to in Jagged Alliance, but by God, I want in on this prom talk.

Wait! I got it! I played the game while eating a burrito!


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