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Exciting platformer with lots of action and a variety of missions 0

I was pleasantly surprised with how much more fun I had with Jak 3 then with it's predecessor. It may of had the same franchise name, familiar characters and locations, and a tied in story line, but when playing, it felt very different and much improved to me. As such, I will be doing a lot of comparison to the second Jak game. First getting from level to level. I find navigating the city streets in Jak 3 to be so much easier, faster, and less cumbersome than in 2. This is good, because I shou...

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Great Platformer 0

Well, after having a small need to play the Metal Gear series over again, I installed this game onto my computer again, and played away. Stepping into it after several years was quite refreshing, but on to the actual review.In this stealth action game Kojima makes his first delve into the true stealth action game, and does so quite successfully. When the player first begins, he or she is introduced to solid snake scuba diving into a base in Alaska. On his mission he meets a cast of wonderful cha...

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Jak 3 0

It sure took me a while to get around to playing this one. I don't have anything against the series really, I think it's a solid platformer. I just can not understand, for the life of me, the numerous people who prefer it to Ratchet and Clank. It's literally incomprehensible to me. The only think Jak has over Ratchet is animation, and storyline I guess. His games are more frustrating, control worse, and just less... good.Jak II was a radical departure from the first game, misguidedly turning Jak...

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