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Great Platformer

Well, after having a small need to play the Metal Gear series over again, I installed this game onto my computer again, and played away. Stepping into it after several years was quite refreshing, but on to the actual review.

In this stealth action game Kojima makes his first delve into the true stealth action game, and does so quite successfully. When the player first begins, he or she is introduced to solid snake scuba diving into a base in Alaska. On his mission he meets a cast of wonderful characters ranging from the classic revolver ocelot, to the somewhat annoying ninja, all during epic cutscenes liberally spread throughout the game (it seems like it was the time before Kojima decided to have story played out mostly in cutscenes :D). What I mean in the parentheses, is that you spend more time playing and less time moving to one place and then watching 5 minutes of movies, for the most part ;).

Moving onto the graphics, they are very good (considering the playstation's capabilities). There are many nice little features to the game that can be picked up, such as the breath features, and the footprints left in the snow and other such things. It is clear that every possible feature was thought of in the game to make it as realistic as was possible. Everything is quite crisp and clear, and does not disappoint! Every part of the game ran smoothly on my computer (and it probably will with yours, as it is an older game).

The sound, oh, don't even get me started. The sound is awesome. Aside from minor sound glitches here and there, it is flawless. One particular sound aspect is the voice acting. Characters seem to have a true sense of reality with the supreme voice acting, making the story that much more compelling, and forcing the player to continue to unravel it all. The weapons are all crisp and clear, and don't sound too like the same thing. One thing that may get on some people's nerves, is the music. Personally, I found the music to get slightly annoying after a while, but that's only personal opinion, other's may find it completely tolerable, if not enjoyable (although I did enjoy it at first).

For its gameplay, it's quite revolutionary for its time, and still today could hold it's own amongst the plethora of stealth action games that have come out. although the enemies by today's standards may be slightly dumber than normal, the game makes up for itself by making you regret being caught at all. As staying with realism, when you get caught, unless you hide right away, you're dead. It adds a good challenge of staying hidden, and exhilaration when you're spotted and need to hide. However, one major downside to the game is the aiming. if you don't have the laser scope on your pistol, or just when shooting your gun, you may lose a lot of ammo at first, as aiming is fairly difficult. Luckily shooting is not one of the major aspects of the game, except in some boss fights. Being converted to the computer seemed to make it a little less awkward, at least for me. In summary, the game is very solid. Even in today's world of higher end game's it will succeed in not disappointing fans of the stealth action genre and give the player a healthy challenge that will surely leave the player coming back for more. Kojima seemed to have his sense of humor early on as he hides little fun things throughout the game leaving players wanting to search around for them, such as the policenauts poster in the room where you find otacon (policenauts was a japanese game that kojima had made prior to MGS). So, if you don't have this game yet, and have played any of the other Metal Gear games, you NEED to purchase this game. NOW!


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