Are you picking this up? If so, how?

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I was debating which version to get but I decided to get the retail disc. I like having the box for these Sony collections.

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I'm getting the disc, just not at launch unfortunately. Don't have the money currently.

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Not now....I might get it sometime in the future. If I do, it will be the same way I get most games. On disc through Gamefly.

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Not now. If I did, probably PSN. All three.

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I own all of these games already.

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I plan on picking up the disc eventually

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I'll probably go pick up the disc on Tuesday, as my ps3 doesn't have enough memory for more stuff like that. The Jak games are my favorite games from last generation, so i'm hoping this turned out ok.

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3 words 
I think if they released a Rathect and Clank HD collection people would be really disappointed. I'm not saying those games are bad, I own all the PS2 games, but I feel like Jak and Sly Cooper evolved while Ratchet just vastly improved on the same core formula after each game.
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Bad timing that I actually bought the games a few months ago... But I at least learned the much cheaper way that I don't particularly enjoy the Jak franchise. Jak 2 is kinda terrible I think, actually. The combat is naff, with no kind of defensive abilities forcing you to go all-out and hope for the best, and the driving is downright horrendous. The game is at it's best when it was strictly platforming, but there was too little of that. The city itself is drab and the overall aesthetic is pretty dull

Jak 3 is much better solely because the driving is now pretty good. Still don't like the combat, but the desert section during the beginning is pretty great and I like Jak's new look, even if he still totally sucks as an actual character. I didn't buy the original Jak (though I played a fair bit when I got it with my original ps2), which I remember liking, but if I want to play Jak again, I'll just buy a used ps2 copy.

Oh and Jak X was rubbish, too. =/

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I have Jak and Jak 3. I don't really have any affection for the series, so I'll probably just pick up Jak 2 for PS2 and finish off my 'collection'.

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I like Jak & Daxter but while I played through Jak 2 & 3 not real into playing those again (especially Jak 2, that game got really difficult in certain spots). So will probably just get Jak & Daxter but I am going to wait until the quick look & reviews come out just to be sure.

(Edit: On the other hand after looking at the trophies list for 2 & 3 it looks like you can S-Rank the games just by beating the game & going on a few collect-athons like Jak & Daxter is.. In other words, pretty easy S-Ranks seems like.)

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Uh, they aren't on PSN. Every website I've been to says they are, even the official Playstation website, but they aren't there (Sorry, didn't feel like making my own thread)

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I remember enjoying the games on ps2 but I don't feel the need to play them again. I will be playing the HD remake of MGS3 soon though.

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No thank you sir.

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I'm still debating whether or not I'm picking this up. Jak II and 3 were some of my favorite games on the PS2, but I also sunk a crazy number of hours into each of them. I'm all for HD remakes of great games, but it's a little too soon for Jak & Daxter (at least for me anyway).

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I love these games and recommend everyone to buy and play them even if they have already!

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I'll pick the the disc. I made the mistake of choosing download for the God of War: Origins Collection and spent an entire weekend downloading, then installing them. Never again!

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Going to pick it up eventually on disc.

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Going to pick it up on disc. I have fond memories of all of these games.

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