killerclaw's Jak & Daxter Collection (PlayStation 3) review

Jak & Daxter Collection Review

The Jak & Daxter collection consists of the first three Jak & Daxter games in the series. This is not going to be a review of the games themselves, rather the newly created package of the three. The stating price for the three games in the bundle was $30, honestly a great value for three games that each give hours of entertainment. Each differ enough to offer a unique experience between the three.

The main attraction in this set is the HD remastering of all of three which were originally on the PlayStation Two. All things considered, they did a pretty good job on the remastering. While they didn't mess with the original artwork, they were able to effectively apply modern technologies to make the games look respectable using today's hardware. Overall, they did a good job of making the game look the best possible on an HD output.

Its important to note that you can not switch between the games without exiting entirely, a minor gripe but not game-breaking in any sense.

Overall, a great value that provides hours of fun entertainment with refreshed visuals while not messing with the source material more than a slight amount.


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