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Jak & Daxter Review 0

Until Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, there hadn't been many platforming action games on the PlayStation 2, and there certainly hadn't been a lot of good ones. After Naughty Dog moved on from Crash Bandicoot, there were questions of where they might go from there. It wasn't long before gamers got their answer in the form of Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, which has become arguably one of the console's major selling points. And why not? Jak & Daxter offers up a lot of action, ...

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A Platformer From a Simpler Time 0

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy was one of the earlier break out hits for Sony's Playstation 2 platform. Released in December 2001 it quickly became one of the first million sellers. Featuring the first fully 3D open world platforming world it quickly stood out from the pack. This combined with the great voice work and solid gameplay quickly laid the groundwork for one of Sony's flagship franchises.While later games in the series would take on a much darker tone this first Jak adventure is ...

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Jak & Daxter 0

Jak & Daxter is a platformer where you play as the roll of Jak. Jak & Daxter feels alot like Naughty Dog's previous series Crash Bandicoot (PS1). It has the same basic controls, square is punch (it was spin in crash), O which is spinning kick in this game (running slide in crash). And graphically Jak has a similar very bright colour scheme that Crash had. However Jak is different in some ways then Crash, the camera in Jak can be controled by the player, the graphics are better and there'...

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The eco ist strong in this one! 0

Jak & Daxter manages to embed casual gaming within a fantastic but thoroughly plausible world. Eco, orbs and power cells connect you to the mysterious artifacts and technology of the precursors. Though ancient, there is nothing dusty about this legacy!The game follows Jak, but the adventure is all yours! Graphics are quite striking (still), but the sound and voice acting puts it over the top. Especially the lack of the latter on Jak. Muting the hero was an ingenious move! Without the hero ut...

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A quintessential PS2 adventure 0

Naughty Dog became a forefront developer in the late 90s by crafting Sony's original leading candidate for mascot appeal. The Crash Bandicoot series were heavily streamlined action platformers that served their content fast and frequent. Jak and Daxter represents a platformer 180, with it's open world offering and exploration encouragement. The pacing is much more methodical and collection provides the main incentive. However, the game successfully avoids the collect-a-thon threat b...

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One of the best platformers on PS2 0

  Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, the first game in Naughty Dog's platforming action-adventure series, is a brilliant refinement of the Super Mario 64 3D platforming formula. It takes concepts made famous by Mario 64 and successfully brings them over to the PS2 without copying it wholesale. Loved: Buttery-Smooth Gameplay: At the time of its release Jak and Daxter wasn't a particularly innovative game, in fact the 3D platforming genre had been pretty worn down. However, even back then ...

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The start of a great franchise 0

    When Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy came out in 2001 the graphics were relly great.It was the next 3D platformer made by Naughty Dog the people who brought you crash bandicoot. The story begins with Jak and Daxter best freinds steal a boat and go to a nother iland. Jak accidentally knocks Daxter in to a pool of dark eco when Daxter gets out he has been turned in to a small little creature called a ottsel Jak feeling sorry for Daxter decides to help find away to help his freind.        ...

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