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Any Bond game is a good Bond game, and Blood Stone sure does satisfy. 0

I'd like to get something out straightaway; I'm a self-confessed Bond-fan; I've seen every movie, played most every game, and just love to death the franchise as a whole. When I heard about Blood Stone, I knew I had to get it, and, to tell the truth, it was well worth the price. BS is your typical third-person action shooter. It borrows every mechanic and concept from previous third-person hallmarks, such as Gears of War's cover system and Splinter Cell Conviction's Mark-and-Execute system. One...

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James Bond: Blood Stone Review 0

James Bond: Blood Stone is a cover heavy third person shooter developed by Bizarre Creations, a studio that made its name in the racing genre with the Project Gotham Racing series and more recently Blur. Blood Stone is a peculiar game. On one hand you've got a bland story that doesn’t really capture the mood and style of James Bond and on the other you've got a pretty good action game with solid shooting and incredible driving sequences. You'll have a blast playing it if you aren't a James Bond ...

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Waiter, this martini is stirred, not shaken. 0

What's working  Bond, James Bond - While playing, you (at moments) get the ''Bond feeling''. The feeling you get after clearing out a room filled with badly controlled AI. It's nothing ground-breaking, but, it's a nice touch. The same touch you get when playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, being the dark knight. Of course, it's nowhere near as epic.   Authentic Bond-ism - When you add up all the things Bizzare Creations put in the game, you get the Bond formula. It has all the right ingredients: High-...

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A Bittersweet Game 0

 The swan song of Bizarre is a really depressing thing. One of my favorite developers and the minds behind a series of outstanding racing titles (including The Club, which was way more of a driving game than a shooting game) and the best dual stick shooters on the market, Bizarre is not a developer that should've ever died. But Activision is singularly talented in sucking the talent out of companies and killing them off once they've bled them dry. And it is a bit ironic that Bizarre appar...

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Mediochre Shooter, with a decent story 0

TL;DW version - Blood Stone has a decent single player campaign, with some exciting gameplay moments, with an interesting story (though one that has its dumb points).Gameplay footage by:Shockwave981 - - a guest appearance by Diamanda Hagan:

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007 Is Back I Guess 0

007 is back and with little to no fanfare.   The new installment in the 007 saga is published by Activsion and developed by Bizarre Creations the team that brought you Blur and The Club.   This game comes out alongside the release of the remake of 007 for the Wii and DS.   Is this game worth your time, when the holiday game season is in full effect with tons of options to choose from? In Blood Stone you play as the Daniel Craig Bond with the assistance of M and MI-6.   The story comes from the ...

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Bond, by the numbers. 0

It's been two years since we've last seen Bond in theaters, unfortunately MGM's money woes will probably drag the wait out further. Bizarre attempts to fill the gap with a standalone entry in the Bond canon. They are mostly successful in their more literal attempt to recreate the Bond experience in a video game. It's a fun romp that ultimately feels more like a movie than an actual game.  Given Bizarre's lineage with the PGR racing series, it's only natural that Blood Stone features a healthy em...

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Blood Stone: Perfunctory Action, Premier Racing 0

 Trying to craft an interactive experience that allows you to feel as bad-ass as James Bond is something that has escaped many developers for some time now. Bizarre Creations is the latest to tempt fate and try to make a Bond game that captures the essence of the films in an interactive medium. Once again you get to play the role of James Bond in his latest adventure, that starts as an assassination attempt at the G-20 Summit, and unravels into a plot involving bio-terrorism that takes you aroun...

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