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gunswordfist said:
^^^^^^^ Pirahna II, not Pirahna...and even then, Pirahna II doesn't suck either.  = D
*EDIT*  Upon looking into it, Cameron was barely even involved with the picture other than in working out the special effects and shooting the picture.
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Yeah I know it was the sequel. I also heard how barely involved JC was in that movie. That's why I said he used it to get to where he's at now.

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gunswordfist said:
"That's why I said he used it to get to where he's at now."
gunswordfist said:
"Cameron's first movie was called Piranha."
gunswordfist said:
lol, I'm done.  Sorry, I'm in a mood tonight.  Anyways, Avatar is gonna kick ass.  It's a guarantee.
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