How was this game? And...

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Don't get me started on the movie. I'll just say this, I thought it was neither good or bad. I just disliked the Navi, and didn't like how it was a sci-fi take on cowboys vs indians (or so it seemed). Other than that, I think I liked the rest. As the topic title says, was this game really bad? And, more importantly, to me at least, if this game were to use the CryEngine, do you think this game could have been any better? Hypothetical. By the way, I'm not thinking about trying this game out, I was just thinking about the movie since I was listening to the soundtrack...

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Movie was great, game was terrible.

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I thought the movie was crap and since the game didn't review well I thought it wasn't worth bothering with since I had no affinity for the source material.

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