Anyone Pick This Up?

#1 Posted by The_Drizzle (624 posts) -

After seeing Patrick tweet about it, i checked it out and it looked pretty awesome. Has anyone picked this up yet and what were your impressions of it?

#2 Posted by Forcen (1856 posts) -

I bought it after watching this video, looks like an excellent game. Havent played it yet.
Releasing this game during E3 seems like a bad idea.

#3 Posted by Marcsman (3294 posts) -

Never trust anything or anyone named James. 
I warned you................................
#4 Posted by onarum (2301 posts) -

That looks great, Ima definitely check this out, though my budget for games this month is already busted I'm afraid...

#5 Posted by sameoldstuff (94 posts) -

I've been having a lot of fun with it. Seems a little short even for a shooting game but unlocking various things and challenge levels gives it some replayability atleast, plus there's a good range on difficulty settings.
Haven't had a chance to try out any multiplayer unfortunately, the lack of online co-op is a real shame.

#6 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

added to the 2011 releases thread, thanks

#7 Posted by IgnisPhaseOne (56 posts) -






Also, it supports almost any kind of USB input device, which is freaking amazing! I have my custom arcade stick, plugged it right in, bam! Controller setup is brilliant. Haven't gotten to play with other people, but I really really want to try the co-op play.

#8 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2405 posts) -

Just watched the preview video on steam and couldn't wait to play it. I love shoot em' up games and the fact that the story is supposed to take place in the 1600 with airships and aliens all over the place is amazing. I will agree that the lack of online co-op is kinda a shame but with this type of game any kind of latency would kill the online so it's not that big of a deal.

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It's a great game! Anyone who loves shoot em' ups should buy it.

#10 Posted by GoofyGoober (933 posts) -
@Marcsman: That is the truth.....
#11 Posted by psoplayer (241 posts) -

Played it for 3 hours last night with 3 friends using X360 controllers.

OH DAMN, this game is awesome! Will post a review soon. (Probably.)

#12 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -

I was considering it but I was bummed when I saw there was no 4-pack even though it toughted the multiplayer.
I might check it out though if it really is that good.

#13 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2405 posts) -

@LordXavierBritish: with no online play there really isn't a point to having a 4 pack

#14 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -
@Oscar__Explosion said:

@LordXavierBritish: with no online play there really isn't a point to having a 4 pack

Okay I didn't see that part, that's kind of dissappointing.
I guess it might still be fun locally, though that's a bit harder to pull off on the PC when I have a limited number of USB ports.
#15 Posted by ZagZagovich (771 posts) -

It's pretty fun. I'm not a fan of bullet hell shooters but It's accessible and pretty. Still would have loved a traditional one more but this is some good stuff.

#16 Posted by EgoCheck616 (782 posts) -

I bought it but have not had a chance to play it yet.

#17 Posted by DonPixel (2627 posts) -

I got it today... Game's pretty dope - It has a nice quality retro style vibe

Remains me of Parodious in the SNES

#18 Posted by Dread612 (167 posts) -

I picked up a copy, the game has only 5 levels, which take about 5 mins each to go through. Currently, I'm stuck on the last boss on level 5 atm, been trying for 2 hrs to beat him.

#19 Posted by mortal_sb (559 posts) -

it's pretty cool. the story mode could definitely be longer though. as dread612 said, there are only 5 levels. i thought that the map you see when you first start the game would just be the first world. but no, that's it. there are a couple of challenge maps that you can buy and some sort of hardcore mode + another mode i don't know yet.

#20 Posted by Daltonv (6 posts) -

Looks properly insane ill probably pick it up. It's a clever location to pick.

#21 Posted by emem (1974 posts) -

@Dread612 said:

I picked up a copy, the game has only 5 levels, which take about 5 mins each to go through. Currently, I'm stuck on the last boss on level 5 atm, been trying for 2 hrs to beat him.

It's a pretty tough game. I'm really enjoying it.

#22 Posted by Popogeejo (616 posts) -

Just blasted through the first three levels on difficult (which seems to equate to normal) and was suprised that the third level is seemingly the easiest.
Great stuff though, especially on the higher difficulties. I don't understand the Bomber though.
Kind of a shame there are so few levels though. Hopefully these guys will make more games like this though.

#24 Posted by ThingThing (11 posts) -

I bought this the other day. It's pretty fun but could of definitely used a few more levels.

#25 Posted by LordLOC (194 posts) -

I'm loving it and I only played the first 2 levels so far. Really makes me think of some of the Cave bullet hells.

I just wish it had online co-op (which the devs are adding in a patch soon enough apparently).

#26 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1270 posts) -

This game is so awesome. The quick look pretty much told me I wanted to sign up for it's brand of craziness.

I also appreciate the the difficulty ramps up so you get used to it and then it's bullets everywhere.

#28 Edited by MikkaQ (10344 posts) -

This game is great, got it on sale for 5$, literally the only thing missing is the ability to make the screen really vertical like japanese shmups, Everything about it is like... eerily reverent of that genre. Those dudes clearly love them some shmups.

This is way better than paying 45$ for a retail copy of Raiden IV, or paying 30$ for a deathsmiles game or something off of games on demand.

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