Loving Jamestown, Can't Get Pass Chapter 2 on Divine Mode

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I'm loving this game. It's fun, stylish, great music, and an awesome challenge. But it seems that I always have a problem on Chapter 2 no matter what difficulty. I can't figure it out why. I use the Beam ship. It's my favorite ship out of all the ones I've tried because of the wide spread of bullets and the beam itself. Even if I manage to get through all the ships without a scratch, which I'm doing fairly often now, when I get to the alien plant enemies I get put down HARD. Some of the sequences I just don't think are meant to be dodged, and I just can not get through with 2 credits until the boss battle. And my God did the boss battle ramp up from Legendary to Divine.

Well I was wondering if any of you guys have any tips to help me pass Chapter 2. Would be really appreciated. I don't even want to see how Chapter 2 on Judgment is. O_o

#2 Posted by TinoXtreme (329 posts) -

I Just BARELY beat it with no hearts and no credits left. Talk about an adrenaline rush with heightened senses. LOL. Man that was fuckin INSANE. Now to try my hand at Chapter 3, 4, and 5.

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Judgment is seriously just cheating, it's a lot of fun though. It takes one mechanic you are very used to (pressing shield to block some things), and giving you unshieldable bullets in some of the patterns.

Divine is really where the game is balanced, so unless you're an incredible masochist or you feel you're at touhou-like levels of godliness, probably stay away from judgement and count divine as an achievement =P

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