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I'll be making a GB guide and some wiki edits to these shennanigans. For now, I'll just post one of my best ones here...

Use the Charge ship for Croatia. Your super bullets can pass through the walls, and there's a specific way that you can navigate the levels to get an insane vaunt combo. My goal is to get the Godlike Combo achievement for you guys on video, and then show how to navigate the level on Divine and Judgement. Once you learn to use Charge, this level is cake.

IMO Charge is by far the best for score attacking. Beam is probably the best for newer shmup players or Touhou converts to play, because using the beam weapon allows you to weave bullets more easily. Gunner and Charge are both great ships for score attacking once you know the basic structure of a level.

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Any tips for The Luge challenge level would be appreciated. Getting to the bosses isn't a problem at all, but the bosses themselves destroy me before I even take one of them down! There's just too many bullets for a bullet hell newcomer like me! I guess practice, practice, practice is best tip? 
Using the Gunner ship by the way.

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For Luge, I used Charge and just focused on one ship only. With Charge, you can fire and forget each side, which means you don't have to focus on being in the right point to damage the boss, just fire at the right moment and focus on bullet dodging.

One tip I have for improving is to calm down; Especially as a newcomer, just sit there and focus on dodging the green bullets without doing any damage. Just weave back and forth, focus on surviving a few seconds instead of trying to damage the boss. Once you get your composure, keep dodging and just attack whenever the opportunity presents itself, using any ship.

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@IgnisPhaseOne: I just bought the game today and after going through the story once I looked at the achievements.  Please tell me you've gotten "final form".  I want to see the video of someone doing that. That's insane. Lots of pattern memorizing i guess, but shit, I wouldn't be able to do that in a million years.

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