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A Modern PC Shmup 0

As a long time fan of PC games, shoot 'em ups, and indie games, this game was made for me. I'm not everyone; I'm willing to practice a level over and over, and I'm used to finding the secrets in shmups. I find all the little tricks, all the secrets that most people who play the game will never find, etc. But I'm not writing a review for me, because I already love this damn game. I'm writing it for you!Most fans of bullet hell games will have heard of Touhou, games which are boring and laughably ...

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A Fantastic Introduction To The Genre 0

I’m not normally one for side-scrolling shooters. I love the idea of them, the journey and the spectacle of it all, the bullets filling the screen, the lovingly crafted backdrops and all that you know? I’m just not very good at them, especially the so-called bullet hell sub genre. So why the hell did I buy Jamestown you ask? The music and the bloody lovely art style of course. Thankfully I’m not completely terrible at it and I’ve seen (nearly) all the game has to offer, albeit on the lower diffi...

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Solid top-down shooter. 0

Jamestown is one of those shoot 'em ups. Mostly known from those crazy Japanese games with lots of bullets popping around the screen with the player hopelessly trying to evade them (or defend in some cases). This time the Japanese style is left behind for a more western approach, so no pink-haired high school-dressed white girls, folks. These games are known for being extremely hardcore, and they're probably the most hardcore games around. After all, in many perspectives, nothing actually beats ...

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It's History, but not as we know it. 0

JamestownOr: It's History (Jim), but not as we know it!--The year is 1619, Raleigh has escaped London Tower and his looming execution with a desire to clear his name with his King and secure an enduring freedom for himself. So while evading his captors he boards on an airship and sets sail for the new frontier of Mars... wait what?!You read right, Mars. Though not Mars as it is but the fantastical Just Like Earth Mars (floating land isles - because gravity!). Where the Spanish Conquistadors have...

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Speechless. 0

Jamestown is a top-down shooter reminiscent of the classic games on SNES and the Sega Genesis. The plot of the story is to stop the Spanish Martian Conquistadors from their evil plot. This game takes an interesting twist on history and turns into a fun breathtaking work of art. The soundtrack in this game is... beautiful. The moment that I heard it playing in the background during battle I knew I would love this game. There are four different classes of shooters to choose from but you only start...

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Great game! (solo review) 0

Jamestown feels like a good step toward a modern shooter, even if slightly lacking in length compared to games outside the genre. The game's mechanics feel like a simplified renovation of other games of the genre, and does away with a lot of mechanics that would punish players for being bad at the game (no persistent power-ups that require collection of items and is lost on death). That said, it does take a lot of hint from other games - from a focus mode to firing patterns for your ships. The b...

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Classic ^^ 1

A lot of times i dont play a game like that its soo random i like it a lot ^^ This is possibly the best videogame premise we've ever seen - but the gameplay and mechanics its so cool and easy to control. Which, we're delighted to say, are about as tight as you could ask for a traditional two-dimensional shoot'em up that tasks players with controlling a satisfyingly retro sled as they careen over the surface of colonised Mars. A dizzying array of enemies await, including mecha-conquistadors...

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