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A master of air magic, Janna grew up as an orphan on the streets of Zaun. It was there that she realized she had an affinity for air magic; she quickly mastered that arts of elemental sorcery in a few months. Coming from the insanity that is the city of Zaun, she now uses her new powers to right injustice in the world. Now in the League, Janna uses her magic summon tornadoes, harness the wind to improve her speed and even create shields of hardened air.



Passive: Janna harnesses the winds to increase the movement speed of all allied champions by 3%.
 Howling Gale
Active Ability (Q): Upon being activated, Janna begins creating a slowly growing storm. When activated for a second time she releases the gale in front of her, sending it flying toward her target. Any units caught in it's path will take damage and be knocked back. The range and damage of the gale increases the longer the spell is channeled.
Passive: Janna increases her movement speed and is able to pass through units.
Active Ability (W): Janna releases an air elemental at her target to deal damage and slow their movement speed.
 Eye of the  Storm
Active Ability (E): Janna bends the winds around her target, increasing their damage while decreasing the damage they take. Eye of the Storm can be used on turrets.

Active Ability (R): When first cast, all nearby enemies are blown back. As the storm settles, all surrounding allies will be healed.

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