3 Reasons Why Giant Bomb Crews Should Go to Japan

#1 Posted by nohthink (1370 posts) -

1) The RAID!!!!!

24 hours

One duffle bag

Five white dudes in Japanese used game store.

Beef bowl


and maaaaaad Japanese!!!

Shit writes itself.

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2) Bombcast X 8-4 Play

People always complain about how Bombcrews don't understand Japanese game, game cultures or anime(except for Anime expert Brad Shoemaker)

Well, send them to the real deal and let's have them go at each other with 8-4!!

America clashing with Japan!!!

Cultural exchanges!!

Master Chief VS Mario

Gears of War VS Resident Evil

Mass Effect VS Final Fantasy

Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter

It will be like 4 hours special and the content will be golden.

3) Let's be honest, it would be fun to watch

#2 Posted by Brendan (8802 posts) -

Eh, doesn't seem like it'd be worth the expense.

#3 Posted by bagrm (54 posts) -

It would be awesome. I'm not sure how they would film stuff though. When I was in Japan I felt like every time I took out a camera someone was asking me to put it away. Seeing the GB crew roaming around Akihabara would be awesome though.

#4 Posted by benpicko (2016 posts) -

'3 Reasons Why Giant Bomb Crews Should Go to Japan' is an awful name. Just saying

#5 Posted by Droop (1925 posts) -

Would be awesome if they went over there, but I think the language barrier could be a problem.

#6 Posted by scalpel (326 posts) -

You should be a Cracked writer.

#7 Posted by Morningstar (2327 posts) -

I'd appreciate all the pod casts.

#8 Posted by Demoskinos (16422 posts) -

For the love of god someone Photoshop Jeff on the cover of "The Raid Redemption"

#9 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (866 posts) -

@Demoskinos said:

For the love of god someone Photoshop Jeff on the cover of "The Raid Redemption"

Alright, ill give it a shot.

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