Looking for a cool game on Japanese history/mythology

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Okami comes to mind, but I've played that already. There's also Genji, but I didn't like it.. 
Any other games set in Japan, be it historical or mythological Japan? 
I am also not against suggestions for games set in China (except Romance of the Three Kingdoms.. that series just looks too intense)

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Muramasa? Not sure how much is made up specifically for the game, but it's very mythical feudal era Japanese.
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Pocky & Rocky -- filled with Shinto spirits

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Shogun: Total War (US)
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Muramasa kinda works... 
Samurai Warriors? That's the Sengoku Era. Simlar to the Three Kingdoms stuff. 
Sengoku Basara/Devil Kings. Although...that's very...different to actual history.
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You could import Yakuza Kenzan! if あなたは日本語をわかる。(you understand japanese XD )

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Oh yes, Way of the Samurai? I believe there's a quicklook on site.
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Way of the Samurai seems perfectly suited to your needs. The GB community serves once again!

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@thehexeditor:  Haha, but yes.  Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan is a really cool game.  Insane that it didn't get brought over when Yakuza 4 is...
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@thehexeditor: 少しわかる。。。大学で毎日勉強しています。おもしろいですが。。とてもむずかしいですね! 
Also, Muramasa I forgot to mention that I've played already. Thought it was lovely. Here's hoping the PSN/XBLA rumours turn out to be true. 
Samurai Warriors kinda looks like Dynasty Warriors, which, uh, I've never been a big fan of. 
Pocky & Rocky looks... kinda cool! But might not be what I'm looking for. Thanks though. 
Shogun Total War... nice. I'll look into this one, thanks :D
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Just noticed the posts about Way of the Samurai. Word, will look out for that game at my local game store. Cookies for the GB community! 
(Though keep suggestions coming!) 
edit: Yakuza Kenzan looks neat.. though my Japanese in its current state is nowhere near strong enough to make out 90% of what they'd be saying.

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 Giant Enemy Crab
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@MB: Haha, I was waiting for someone to bring that up!
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@MB said:
 Giant Enemy Crab
FUUUCK. Not fair I couldn't upload the video.
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@MB said:
 Giant Enemy Crab
*laugh* First thing I did was come in here and, without scrolling, do a search for "enemy" on the page. Ding ding ding, winner!

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