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Jarail was a Human Sorcerer who fell in love with a female Sorceress named Ozama.  Ozama was good hearted, but quick to anger, and always lusting after powerful magic artifacts and scrolls.
Ozama's quest for magic led her to Myth Drannor, the ruined undergound city of the Mythral Weave. She bid Jarail to join her, and smitten with love, he could not say no, despite the danger. While exploring Myth Drannor, they got into a heated lovers quarrel. Ozama lost her temper, and in a moment of anger wove a spell that encased Jarial in a magic stone from the waste down.
Jarial begged and pleaded to be freed but she told him a riddle instead, and said that once he figured out the answer to the riddle he would be free and could be with her again.  Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years, and Jarail couldn't answer the riddle, or escape the stone prison. His mind went almost mad, in part because of the solitude, but also out of fear for the safety of Ozama. He was certain she was going to return for him after her anger subsided. But she had never came.
The nature of Ozama's spell had made Jarial immortal while trapped in the stone, and he did not age, nor need food or water. After over a hundred years past, Jarial was freed of his prison by a band of heros from New Phain, on a quest to put a stop to the Pool of Radiance that had emerged. They were able to solve Jarial's imprisoning riddle and he joined thier party, in hopes to find the fate of his true love Ozama.
Ozama's body was found not far from the room Jarial had been trapped in, she had been killed by orcs shortly after leaving Jarial. She was identifed by the magic boots she wore, still on her skeletal feet.

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