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Jazz is the leader of Andantino; this rebellion group is battling against Count Waltz. He is Claves' significant other and Falsetto is his childhod friend. Later on in the game Jazz, Falsetto and Claves meet Polka and her company and they all join together. Jazz is quiet and serious, but nice and full of righteousness at the same time. He doesn't always have a silent demeanor though. Jazz has the credentials to be an arrogant snob but he is the exact polar oppisite of that. One time in WoodBlock Forest he gave out bangles to everyone in the party to prevent the poisonous air from affecting them, he gave Viola two. Viola asked him why and he simply said "One is for Arco" (Arco is Viola's pet that tags along with the party).

Jazz sports a a relatively simple outfit. The most notable thing about his costume is his yellow knee high boots.

Combat style

Jazz is a typical frontlines unit. He has the highest HP and insanely high attack power, however his defense isn't that high. Movement speed is another area where Jazz falters in, this guy's skinny but he moves slow. Jazz uses a huge double-handed sword to attack, he is a great character to build up echoes with because each slash counts as two hits. Jazz's specials are offensive and most have area-of-effect element to them. His stats are great for 'tanking' but make sure you have a supporting healer in the party, because although he dishes out the damage, he takes a lot of damage as well. Jazz is a good character to use in harmony chains because his specials can do a ton of damage.


Jazz is the name of a genre of music. His name in the original Japanese version of Eternal Sonata, however, is Jitterbug.

George Nakata is his Japanese voice actor, and D.C. Douglas voiced Jazz in English.

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