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Jazzpunk displays an amazing dedication to video game buffoonery 0

As budgets get larger and the ambitions of the industry’s most prominent developers tend towards the focused and cinematic its almost inevitable that we begin to compare games to film. Actually calling a game an 'interactive movie' though is an observation some might take as derogatory, it might put them off. However in the case of this game I think that comparison is what makes it so novel. The best part of Jazzpunk is how it takes the elements we enjoy from comedy movies and makes you a ...

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Filled To The Brim With Jokes, Devoid Of Gameplay. 0

Jazzpunk presents itself as a parody of spy movies, but quickly wears out its welcome with never ending references and sight gags, most completely unrelated to the task at hand, leaving you with a thin vein of a plot to serve as a vehicle from one joke to the next.That’s not to say all the humour is bad, but a lot is random for the sake of being random. There's no narrative hooks for many of the jokes, they just exist for the sole purpose of delivering a punchline; experience it and move o...

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Jazzpunk makes a fantastic first impression that wears thin by the end. 0

As Jazzpunk's brash, stylistic opening blares and swoops across the screen, you'd be forgiven for assuming that it's a game by Brendan Chung, the designer of bold, fantastic games like Gravity Bone, Thirty Flights of Loving, and the upcoming Quadrilateral Cowboy. Its got the same audacity and a similar visual style, full of loud colors and clean lines. It has the same panache for catchy brass music and it even splashes giant white text into the world in the same way. But a Brendan Chung game it ...

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Jazzpunk - We are everywhere and underwear 0

Cold War World. Agent Polyblank goes to take up his next mission in a wornout trailer. Oh I forgot to mention the psychedelic intro. Sits down, fart chushion, laugh. This introduction is as clear as the game itself.This is the weirdest game I have played. Well at least this year's weirdest, but it is in the top 3. This weirdness is mixed with a little old-fashioned humour, robot secret agents and high-tech gadgets, and surprisingly it gives a not-that-bad-as-we-would-expect result. It's not a l...

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Southpark 64 for the modern player 0

Jazzpunk is a comedy in the burgeoning sub genre of first person games like Gone Home or Thirty Flights of Loving that seek to tell a linear story in a non-linear experience by shepherding the protagonist with incentives. This review is the hardest review I've ever attempted to write. Being a comedy, and a video game, many of the jokes are deadpan and are uniquely structured to the levels of the game. Because of that there were levels that hit the mark, such as Wedding Quake were hilarious. Ofte...

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Pop some "Missionoyl" and get comfortable, cause Jazzpunk is ready to mess with your brain. 0

It’s not so often that I find a game where I can’t really properly come up with the words to explain why it’s so appealing. Instead I end up saying nebulous phrases like, “trust me, you have to play it.” Such is the case with Jazzpunk, a bizarre game that breaks classification and provides a wonderfully unique and completely insane experience.You won't find another game that looks quite like Jazzpunk.Jazzpunk follows a similar trend in structure to games like Gone H...

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$15 - Admission to the funniest experience you'll have in ages. 0

A friend of mine has labelled Jazzpunk as an 'interactive joke machine', which I feel sums the game in its entirety. Unlike titles like Proteus for example, which are more compelled to give you an experience and story rather than any kind of solid campaign (and also is debated on whether or not it's an actual game), Jazzpunk brings you a nicely sized campaign that is more interested in entertaining you through cheeky puns, strange encounters and comedic situations than anything else... But surel...

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