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The Jedi Starfighter was designed by Walex Blissex, who would later go on to design the Rebel Alliance's A-Wing starfighter, which bears a striking similarity to the Jedi Starfighter. An early prototype of the fighter was tested by Adi Gallia shortly before the battle of Geonosis, to great results. Due to the success of this mission, the fighter was put into heavy use by the Jedi during the battle of Geonosis, and the Clone Wars at large. Obi-Wan flew a Jedi Starfighter on his mission to the cloning planet of Kamino, and dueled with Jango Fett in an asteroid field, although Obi-Wan's fighter did not have the offensive capabilities to destroy Fett. Later, Plo Koon is shown flying a Jedi Starfighter when Order 66 is executed, implying that these ships were still in service at least up until the end of the clone wars.

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