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Jeff Andonuts first appeared in the 1995 Super Nintendo game, EarthBound. We first meet Jeff after Ness and Paula are captured in city of Threed by zombies. With no way for them to escape, Paula sends out a telepathic message to the distant land of Winters that awakens Jeff. This starts him on a journey beyond the protective gates of Snow Wood Boarding School. Completely lacking in PSI powers, Jeff uses his brain in a different way, by fixing broken items or engineering them into weapons. He also is able to use a wide variety of different types of guns and choose to approach combat from a distance.

Not long after beginning his adventure, Jeff parts with his best friend Tony and meets a monkey with an affiliation for bubblegum. Near the end of his solo time in Winters, Jeff meets his father, the absent minded Dr. Andonuts, who he has not seen in 10 years. His father's absence is never elaborated, leaving the more observant players to wonder why Dr. Andonuts never left his laboratory to visit his son on the other side of Winters. Regardless, Jeff's father provides him with the “Sky Runner,” a flying machine that can transport Jeff to Threed. As Jeff readies himself for flight, his lovable yet emotionally unavailable father idly suggests another reunion in 10 years.


Jeff rocks the blonde “bowl cut,” normally a fashion faux pas that even the geek chic will avoid. Heading southward on his head we have thick black frames with the all white lenses, which are really more Drew Carey than Rivers Cuomo. His ensemble from the neck down is standard issue uniform from Snow Wood Boarding School which has been altered to holster his projectile weapon of choice.

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