do you guys know where I can find an old Jeff video?

#1 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2855 posts) -

I remember this video on Gamespot where Jeff was playing a keyboard and singing a song, wearing a red track jacket... 
do you guys know where I can find this video?
#2 Posted by Red12b (9347 posts) -

His tribute has it in there for a little bit, but I don't know what that video was originally. 

#3 Posted by Karolis (294 posts) -

Red tracksuit, but no keyboard:  

#4 Edited by Karolis (294 posts) -
@Red12b: I believe you were talking about this, 2:59 and 4:20 in? Oh, and 6:17, and 6:54.
It's a part of this video:  
#5 Posted by joey (1035 posts) -

Idk, he has the tracksuit in both of these videos and he raps. 

#6 Posted by SPACETURTLE (1654 posts) -

Man, Midnight Brown... That's some funny ass shit. Suburban All-Stars as well, of course.

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