Happy Birthday, Jeff!

#1 Posted by jschmoe (152 posts) -

It's been a crazy year. Here's to many more!

#2 Posted by ThePickle (4262 posts) -
#3 Edited by mandude (2670 posts) -

Merry Gerstmass.

#5 Posted by Snail (8768 posts) -

Happy Birthday Jeffrey Gerstmann. I'm sorry I didn't buy you a gift or anything.

#6 Posted by JacDG (2134 posts) -

Happy Birthday Geoff Gertzman!

#7 Posted by Kade (6 posts) -

Happy 46th, Jeff!

#8 Posted by TJ311 (438 posts) -

Happy Birthday Jeff!!

#9 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11868 posts) -

Birthday Happy, Jeff!

#10 Posted by Ramone (3065 posts) -

Happy Birthday Jeff, keep it Gersty.

#11 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2199 posts) -

Happy Birthday, Jeff.

#12 Edited by FLStyle (5303 posts) -

I wish you a less crazy year than this past year, Happy Birthday sir.

#13 Posted by Eojay (190 posts) -

Happy Birthday, Big Jeffrey.

#14 Posted by Rudeboy217 (1780 posts) -
#15 Posted by mak_wikus (620 posts) -

Have all the Happies in the world. You deserve it!

#16 Posted by RecSpec (4420 posts) -

Happy Birthday Jeff! 

#17 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5012 posts) -
#18 Posted by Cheesebob (1285 posts) -

Happy Gerst Day Jeff Happyman!

#19 Posted by vorpalparasite (326 posts) -

Happy Birthday Jefferson, have a good one!

#20 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Fuck happy birthday, I hope Senor Gertzmahgn has an inebriated birthday. Happy is implied.

#21 Edited by Cloudenvy (5874 posts) -

Oh hey, same birthday as my father!

Happy birthday, Jeff!

#22 Posted by Alexander (1758 posts) -

Many happy returns.

#23 Posted by Nentisys (900 posts) -

I wish you many warm jars, Mr. Gerstmann.

#24 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5112 posts) -

happy birthday! Pretty soon the mailbags will start containing a lot more canes and walkers and a lot less booze and snacks.

#25 Posted by PokeIkzai (397 posts) -

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

#26 Posted by ThatPrimeGuy (152 posts) -

Happy Birthday, Jeff.

#27 Edited by TheHT (12187 posts) -

they totally barked "jeff gerstmann". also jeff, you are now a ma'am.

#28 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3053 posts) -

Happy birthday Jeff.

May the rivers run red with the blood of your enemies!

#29 Posted by Deusx (1931 posts) -
#30 Posted by EerieTraveler (38 posts) -

Happy day of birth! May you have many more days of birth ahead of you, Senor Gerstmann.

#31 Posted by RVonE (4753 posts) -

Happy birthday, Jeff!

#32 Posted by EDfromRED (133 posts) -

Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world

Like a Colossus; and we petty men

Walk under his huge legs, and peep about

To find ourselves dishonourable graves.

Happy Birthing Chamber Emergence Day Jeff

#33 Posted by Pepeman (131 posts) -

Jeff, happy birthday :)

#34 Posted by Mandaray (165 posts) -

Happy birthday, Jeff!

#35 Posted by TheSlothKing (334 posts) -

Happy Womb Escape Day Gorff Gerbsman.

#36 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4311 posts) -

Happy birthday Jeff!!  But remember: 

#37 Posted by Jeust (11337 posts) -

A happy birthday! An even better year than the one that passed till the next one!

#38 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -

Happy birthday

Hope you get to ride dumbo

#39 Posted by Elazul (1342 posts) -

Oh, congratulations Jeff. You've aged. *slow clap*

#40 Posted by captain_max707 (536 posts) -

Happy Birthday!

#41 Posted by KarlPilkington (2764 posts) -

Haby burthdy Gef.

#42 Posted by borkran (27 posts) -

Happy Birthday, Jeff! I've got and will continue to have Gerstmann-ia!

#43 Posted by Lego_My_Eggo (1077 posts) -

Happy birthday!

#44 Posted by Superkenon (1544 posts) -

Happy Gerstday!

That sounded better in my head. I really should backspace that and try again.

wait what am i

#45 Posted by Masha2932 (1331 posts) -

Happy Birthday man.

#46 Posted by punkxblaze (2990 posts) -

Young Geoffrey, please have an excellent day of birth.

#47 Posted by CaLe (4166 posts) -

Happy Birthday Jeff. But remember, there is a skeleton inside of you.

#48 Posted by Phatmac (5915 posts) -

Happy Birthday Jeff! :D

#49 Posted by Aegon (6567 posts) -

Happy birthday Jeff. Let's hope that older doesn't mean more jaded, yeah?

#50 Posted by IkariNoTekken (993 posts) -

Happy birthday Jeff. Have a good one!

Best wishes.

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