Jeff Gerstmann mentioned on this weeks CAGcast

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He's mentioned at around the 1 hour 26 minute mark. Wombat says that he allegedly introduced himself to Jeff, and he ignored him. It was pretty funny. :P
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I imagine an hour and 26 minutes + of cheap game info would be incredibly riveting.

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No way to fast forward without downloading? ;<

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I love the CAGcast. Good mention of Jeff.

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@nanikore said:
"No way to fast forward without downloading? ;< "

I just download it off itunes quick then delete
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Thanks man its a good podcast, basically what was said about jeff:
Q: You hang around with alot of press and big shots like major nelson, michael Patcher and the kotaku guys. Have you ever met any of the Giant Bomb guys.
 Cheapy D: Never been introduced to any of them. Jeffs the only one I know what looks like, I saw him at the kotaku party but never spoke to him.  What am i going to say? 
Wombat:: I saw jeff talking to one of the old rockstar pr guys, I went up to him and said ''hey i do the cogcast'' he kind of blew me off. Then he joked that Jeff then stamped on his throat to make it sound like a better story. Later on in the podcast he said thats called a gerstmann making the sound of getting stamped on the throat.
Check out the video of cheapy D eating the windows 7 burger as mentioned in the bombcast if you havn't seen it yet 

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