New TWiT Podcast Featuring Jeff Gerstmann Released

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Many of you have probably seen this post when TWiT was live. In case you missed it or want to repeat all of the action again, the audio and video versions of the program has been released. I've got some quick links on the following post for people's convinience, although you can also find the show (along with an special 'Zune' version) at You're looking for Episode 253.
Host: Leo Laporte ( TWiT)
Guest: Veronica Belmont ( Qore, Tekzilla)
Guest: Jeff Cannata ( Totally Rad Show)
Guest: Jeff Gerstmann (You're On His Site)
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He was great on this and having Jeff Canata on too was a perfect fit.

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@t2t2: Just updated the feeds for this. Most people who wanted to watch it probably have already have. I guess to the people in the future who haven't seen it though, its a good idea to keep an archive of this on the site so people don't forget about it.
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Both Cannata and Gerstmann? Yay!
edit: (hoping one of the GBers shows up on Weekend Confirmed one of these days *fingers crossed*)

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Jeff Gerstmann was pretty good on this show. Also, Veronica Belmont was charming, and I'm not saying that because she has an awesome last name!

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It is awesome to hear Jeff on TWIT.  He was all respectable like.  Hopefully he will be on again soon. 

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you do a good job but you ate up a lot of Jeff Cannata's bandwidth and didn't let him get a word in most of the time.   It was like the whole episode had to be focused on you.  That wasn't too cool.

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