The mustache is gone!

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#2 Posted by LiquidPrince (16515 posts) -

Thread needed?
Two threads needed?

#3 Posted by JJWeatherman (14801 posts) -
@LiquidPrince said:
" Thread needed?  Two threads needed? "
At least!
#4 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

Kasavin used it to pad his temples. Give them back. You're a bald. They don't even fit.
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 Hey guys, I trimmed my beard. Let's make a big deal about that.    

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@JJWeatherman said:

" @LiquidPrince said:

" Thread needed?  Two threads needed? "
At least! "
This is definitely a crisis. I, for one, am sad to see the 'stache go.
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It was this or he dyed his hair blond. There was no in-between.

#10 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -
@LiquidPrince said:
" Thread needed?  Two threads needed? "
i would have made a third but my fingers were temporarily paralyzed.
#11 Posted by Ravenousrattler (1420 posts) -

what a tragedy

#12 Posted by Chris2KLee (2396 posts) -
@Ravenousrattler said:
" what a tragedy "
September 9th, never forget.
#13 Posted by fisk0 (5310 posts) -

  I was away for a few hours, and now Jeff's mustasche is gone, is it because of all those stupid "lol he got a mustache he's a fucking rapist lol I'm going to phone in and call him a fat rapist lol" people that populated the chat a while ago?
There just seemed to be a ridiculous amount of hate against his choice of facial hair, and since there was a lot of people hopefully jokingly saying "I'm going to post on *chan about this and get them to spam their chat and phone line with YOU'RE FAT AND LOOK LIKE A RAPIST comments".
I hope it was of his own will he shaved that off, and not because of all those stupid comments.

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