Was their really a Jesus Gerstmann pic?

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During the convoluted times of Nov. 07, I heard of a an altered pic floating around the internet where J.G. was depicted as the Christian mesiah Jesus of Nazareth. If anyone has the image, could you please uploaded it to this page's image section, please =D?

Thank You.

Edit: "J.G." What I meant was Jeff Gerstmann. I would hope a bit more indulgency since we live in a time where "LOL" is supposed to mean a positive reaction to a humorous action.

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JG? You Mean Jim Gaffigan?

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I would love to see this pic you speak of.

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If this picture exists, thatd be epic.

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Endogene said:
Haha he looks like Danzig.
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DoctorTran said:
"JG? You Mean Jim Gaffigan?"
Are you serious?
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momentarylogic said:
"Endogene said:
Haha he looks like Danzig."

Whoa! If I had not examined this correctly, I would have taught this was a pic from back during Brad's "I needed the money" days.
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I remember people posting the picture in the huge Jeff thread on GS: Off Topic back in November. Unfortunately I don't have it.

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Yes it exists. No I dont save pictures like that.

That would be weird

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