Dreamt of Jeff Green?

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Have you ever dreamt of Jeff Green?
He has dreamt of facing Sauron and crying out "YOU ARE NOT THE LORD OF THE RINGS?" Such a cultural icon was Sauron, and such a cultural icon is Jeff Green, surely someone has dreamt of his grey streaks, gigantic nose, nasal voice, yellow teeth, bulging stomach?
He is up there with night time dreams with Tails from Sonic and Buu from Dragonball Z for me, my wife has fantasised about Jeff Green whilst I have been dreaming of... well Jade Raymond and Jennifer Tsao... so, who has dreamt of the GreenBomb?

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That's not creepy at all.

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KindGalaxy said:
"Have you ever dreamt of Jeff Green?

I dream of genie.
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It's pretty clear to me that he's practically begging you to break into his house and take the hairs from his combs and mix them into your hair, and to wear the clothes that he wears to see if they smell like your clothes.

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Loving Voice
He's the kind of person, if you could smell him you'd take a big wiff and be satisfied. Though I often think he'd smell like my grandma's house, kind of mouldy cheese with detergent.

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