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99819 JohnCaboose Person Overview Updated employment and his daughters school. 04/14/14 02:59AM 7 Approved
99741 extragingerbrew Person Overview 04/13/14 02:32PM 8 Approved
88904 behardy Person Overview Added two points to the "Facts and Trivia" section of the page. 02/16/14 07:54PM 4 Approved
88511 behardy Person Overview facts and trivia. All knowledge is from CGW/GFW radio. 02/14/14 06:39PM 26 Approved
87647 Lukeweizer Person Overview Added a link to Jeff' twitch channel. 02/08/14 03:58PM 1 Approved
85406 JonKrag Person Overview 01/29/14 12:35PM 6 Approved
79005 rjayb89 Person Overview added current profession, linked dark souls, and added a comma somewhere 01/04/14 07:37PM 9 Approved
72843 AMyggen Person Overview 12/03/13 04:43AM 1 Approved
69518 AMyggen Person Overview 11/19/13 01:06AM 9 Approved
69412 AMyggen Person Overview 11/18/13 05:52AM 4 Approved
69411 AMyggen Person Overview 11/18/13 05:46AM 2 Approved
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