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Jennings Foster is the head of CSI for the Metropolitan Police Department. He has a family and is, by all accounts, an upstanding citizen. However, while driving home after a night drinking, he hit a homeless man with his car, killing him. Rather then report it, he covered up his involvement. Due to the hard-nosed investigation of Detective David Tapp, Jennings felt he had no choice but to pin the crime on an innocent man in order to escape capture. He was successful and avoided punishment... until Jigsaw.

The serial killer had somehow discovered Jennings' guilt and kidnapped him to be tested in an elaborate pendulum trap, within the basement of an abandoned insane asylum. David Tapp, the main target of Jigsaw's tests, freed Jennings from his predicament. In a rare case for Jigsaw victims, Jennings managed to escape unharmed.

After the events in the insane asylum, Jennings is still head of CSI, implying that he never did take the blame for his hit and run. But he has turned a new leaf and is helping solve the Jigsaw case as best he can. After David Tapp's death, he investigates the crime scene, looking for any involvement by Jigsaw and reassures David's son, Michael, that Jigsaw will be captured one day.


Jennings Foster is the only character, aside from Jigsaw himself, to make an appearance in both SAW and SAW II: Flesh & Blood.

It is speculated by SAW fans that the true identity of the Pighead in SAW II: Flesh & Blood is Jennings, since he's the only character introduced in the beginning that doesn't make another appearance later.

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