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Personal history

Jeremiah Covenant was born and raised with his siblings in Ireland at the Covenant estate.  An inquisitive youth, he once discovered a pillar of standing stones not far from his family estate.  The stones had unusual etchings and insignias that reminded him of some symbols kept in his father's books.  Jeremiah's father kept many occultist tomes and the one that contained the insignias that Jeremiah recognized held some written spells.  With the book in hand, young Jeremiah gathered up his siblings and they all went down to the strange pillar formation.  They each took turns, as if playing a game, reading aloud the spells within that book.  This seemingly harmless child's play is what Jeremiah fears has cursed his family.
In the Great War, Jeremiah Covenant served as a commander in a military unit with a special assignment.  Their task was to unmask superstitious rumors that plagued small country villages.  They did this because the local farm boys served as the fighting force in the war and they needn't be distracted with spooks and haunts back home.  In this unit, Jeremiah became friends with Patrick Galloway, an adventurer in exile from Ireland.  On a routine patrol, Jeremiah and Patrick's unit was attacked by occultists known as the Tsranti.  Patrick was knocked unconscious by the shaman leader of the occultists who wielded a green stone known as the Gel'Ziabar stone.  It is unknown what occurred exactly after Patrick was knocked unconscious but somehow Jeremiah was able to deliver Patrick to the military hospital.  For unexplained reasons, Jeremiah somehow retrieved the Gel'Ziabar stone and left it as a gift for the recovering Patrick.  Jeremiah and the remaining soldiers in the unit continued onwards with their assignment.
When he returned to his family estate in Ireland, Patrick found that all of his siblings had vanished.  A slow and creeping phenomena took over the estate in the next six years.  Most of the staff tending to the estate were filled with some horrendous fear and many fled the estate in the days of his return.  These fleeing servants robbed and ransacked the manor.  Jeremiah became ill, stating that it was due to an old war wound.  With the estate in chaotic disarray, he sent a letter to his old friend Patrick Galloway asking for his assistance, presumably with what had occurred at the estate.  Six months later Patrick Galloway arrived at the estate to aid his old friend.  Jeremiah told him about the curse of his family and the demonic return of his siblings.

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