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The Jester is a two door sports car that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The Jester's design is clearly influenced by the Toyota Supra. Unlike its real life counterpart, the Jester is a front wheel drive car. Despite this fact, it remains a fairly sporty vehicle.  The Jester can be modified at Wheel Arch Angels, and is needed for the 'Import and Export' side mission.


The Jester has pretty weak performance when compared to other cars similar to it, such as the Uranus and Sultan. It is not as fast to accelerate, and it does not have as high a top speed. However, one are where the Jester is superior is in its handling. The Jester is one of the sharpest handling cars in the game, and is great for handling with the brake or handbrake.


  • During one of the missions for the car shop front in San Fierro, you and Cesar steal a Jester. The Jester, however, does not spawn in the garage. For some reason, a Savanna low rider spawns instead. Cesar owns one, and it is the car you use at the start of the mission.
  • You can import a Jester on Tuesday or Thursday at the Import and Export docks, for $28,000.

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