Holy crap this game is hard

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I beat JSRF and thought it was awesome, never got around to playing the first until now. Man this is hard. I can't even beat the first Love Trap level yet. First couple times I landed on/got hit by a car that annoyingly took me to the level exit against my will, third time I almost had all the tags, fighting against seconds of the clock, until my health ran out from all the cops' tear gas.

Anyone have any tips? I'd love to complete this game, but I now I don't know since I'm having troubles even beating the first level. So far the sequel was a lot more fun and a lot less frustrating.

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Oh the old days, when games were hard. I remember playing this game to completion many many years ago. As i recall the trick was simply don't stop for nothing. learn the trick systems and maintain your speed, it'll help you get around easier.

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I didn't find it that hard (played it through this week).
The controls take a while to get used to. Also, the cops really f* you up if you're doing a big tag on the ground while they're running around. Do all the big tags first, and leave any 1 can tags as well as tags in areas where cops can't get to for last, because they're freebies. The cops always arrive after you finish a certain amount of tags.
For Jet rankings I didn't stress, just got all the tags, apart from one in an area where I could get good combos, and then just did that until the time was about to run out.
Probably not relevant info anymore, but maybe someone else will find it useful (;

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