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Jet Impulse was first announced in E3 2006 as a game that was then titled "DS Air". The game is then released in Japan on February 8th 2007, but as yet to see a release in the west.

The gamecan be played online with another player through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, and also supports multiplayer up to a maximum of four players through local Wi-Fi (multi-cart required). Nintendo also supported the game in downloadable content since the game has launched where players can download a new flight model which Nintendo releases each week (at the time of writing all flight model has already been released).

The production value of the game is high in that it featured in game CG cutscenes and full voice over for all the characters in the game.

Gameplay Modes

  • Story - Features a total number of 17 stages plus two prologue stages.
  • Freeplay - There are four modes in freeplay: Survival, Darts Bomb, Balloon Fight, Boss Battle.
  • VS - This is where you select to play local wi-fi multiplayer or go on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service to play online with another player
  • Base - Six modes in this section include:Air plane, Record, Download, Manual, Sound Player, Movie Player


Official website (Japanese)

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