Jet Set Radio HD track list revealed

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Track List

Original songs by Hideki Naganuma

  • Grace and Glory
  • Humming the Bassline
  • Let Mom Sleep
  • Moody's Shuffle
  • Rock It On
  • Sneakman
  • Sweet Soul Brother
  • That's Enough

Licensed tracks

  • Toronto - Electric Tooth Brush
  • Magical Girl - Guitar Vader
  • Super Brothers - Guitar Vader
  • Bout the City - Reps
  • Funky Radio - B.B. Rights
  • Mischievous Boy - Castle Logical
  • Yellow Bream - F-Fields
  • Everybody Jump Around - Richard Jacques

It's also been confirmed that the levels from the PAL and NTSC releases will be in it.

Since the music was such a big part of the game I'm going to go ahead and guess that a lot of people will be disappointed. Did your favorite songs make the cut?

source: Joystiq

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That's nice to see. The only song I can see that's missing is that Rob Zombie "Dragula" remix, of course my memory sucks. I fondly recall all those licensed tracks and still listen to quite a few.

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This is pretty much just the songs from the original soundtrack that you can buy. There is an unreleased version out there which none of the songs on that are here which are all licensed. My fave songs that didn't make the cut were Magical Girl, Improvise and Miller Ball Breakers.

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@mrcraggle: Magical Girl is on there. Pretty much the one song that would've been a deal breaker for me.

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This has been updated. It now has everything from every region, excluding two songs (see below):

By Hideki Naganuma (SEGA)

“Grace and Glory”

“Humming the Bassline”

“Let Mom Sleep”

“Moody’s Shuffle”

“Rock It On”


“Sweet Soul Brother”

“That’s Enough”

By Guitar Vader

“Super Brothers”

“Magical Girl”

By Deavid Soul

“Dunny Boy Williamson Show”

“Miller Ball Breakers”

“On the Bowl (A.Fargus Remix)”

“Up-Set Attack”

Also including…

“Electric Tooth Brush” by Toronto

“Everybody Jump Around” by Richard Jacques

“OK House” by Idol Taxi

“Bout the City” by Reps

“Funky Radio” by B.B. Rights

“Mischievous Boy” by Castle Logical

“Yellow Bream” by F-Fields

“Just Got Wicked” by Cold

“Dragula” by Rob Zombie

“Slow” by Professional Murder Music

“Improvise” by Jurassic 5

“Patrol Knob” by Mixmaster Mike

“Recipe for the Perfect Afro” by Feature Cast

“Funky Plucker” by Semi Detached


"Two of the 30 original tracks are still missing – Deavid Soul's "Yappie Feet" and O.B. One's "Many Styles" remain absent."

Here are the missing songs, if you're curious.

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