So I recently got into the music from these games.

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Or at least I got into the music by Hideki Naganuma himself, and I've been hooked and unable to stop listening since then. My question though, is did he any other works other than this and that one Sonic game, or is there any music similar to it out there?

#2 Posted by Chias (85 posts) -

gonna bump this because I'm really interested in finding something similar.

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@Chias said:

So I recently got into the music from these games.

what is WRONG with you

Anyway, he made the soundtracks for Sonic CD, Sonic Rush, and I think Sonic Rush Adventure, in addition to whatever other soundtracks he made

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Yeah, I got into a lot of the artists from the Jet Set Series, I'm in love with Scapegoat Wax now.

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