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The Chapel
Willies bedroom
Jet Set Willy is a flick screen platform game written for the ZX Spectrum. The sequel to the seminal Spectrum platformer, Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy concerns the quest of the protagonist, Miner Willy, to clean up his mansion after a (presumably large considering the size of his abode) party by collecting various items that have been strewn across its many rooms. Having finished collecting all of these items, Miner Willy looks forward to a well deserved rest. His task is not made easier by the marauding creatures that fill each and every room of his mansion and the many inch perfect leaps and manoeuvres he is required to perform in order to collect the items from the awkward locations his guests have left them.
The game was written by the periodically reclusive programmer Matthew Smith and received near universal praise on release. It remains a classic title in any retrogame library to this day.

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