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The center of Jet's design and method of fighting is his jetpack, which he uses to constantly hover around the screen, and in several unique forms of attack. While his ramming punch, dive kick and throw are all fairly effective moves, Jet's main advantage may come from the defensive advantage that his flight provides.
As enemies are immune while falling, and any attack to Jet while he flies will make him fall, landing a succession of strikes on him is difficult. The best hope to do so would be either after he successfully throws the player, or by catching him when he does a dive kick.

Palette-swapped Jets, with names like Mach or Griphis, appear later as irregular enemies, but not as bosses. While they otherwise function the same way as Jet they have far less health. 
A bald, larger, much stronger version of Jet appears as the boss of Stage 6 in Streets of Rage 3.

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