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Jeyne Kassynder inspired the citizens of Ehb to rise up against the 10th Legion after the murder of the king, thirty years prior to the events in Dungeon Siege III. She is revered as a living saint by many followers of Azunai, and currently leads a large army, which is embroiled in a war against Queen Roslyn. She led the attack against the 10th Legion on a very young age of nineteen, as revealed by Odo. She also killed Hugh Montbarron and was the only living thing that walked out of the Mournweald alive after the massacre.

Determined to crush all of the 10th Legion

During Dungeon Siege III, it is revealed that Jeyne is the illegitimate daughter of the former king of Ehb, who was murdered by Hugh Montbarron. This makes her Queen Roslyn's aunt and also means she has a claim to the throne. Her father's murder is what fuels her hatred for the Legion.

Over the course of the game the player finds out that Jeyne is actually an Archon. Archons are an ancient race of fire elemental beings that once served the Gods.

Before the player confronts Jeyne at the Spire in Chapter 8, and given they spared Rajani's life after their battle, Rajani and another archon confront the player, claiming Jeyne has gone insane, that she is speaking of strange visions and hearing the voices of the lost Gods. They reveal a secret relic with an ancient power has been found by her. They don't want to see their fellow sisters die because of Jeynes personal crusade, and offer their assistance when the player promises no one has to die.

It is also revealed that Jeyne has taken the place of the First Sister, which seemingly binds the life of all archons to hers. If she is to die, so every Archon is as well. Rajani explains that the First Sister burns the brightest of us all. Her fire nurtures us. Extinguish her and we will all fade.

Jeynes mother was the original First Sister, but died after giving birth to her. However, the godly fire - the flame keeping her alive - has been passed on from mother to daughter.

After defeating the Corrupted Creator God, Jeyne reveals that thirty years ago, Hugh Montbarron lured her into the Mournweald. He was certain she would not dare to attack him here, as her tribe considered it a holy place. But Jeynes hatred for the murderer of her father was greater than her faith and loyalty towards the ancient Gods. Jeyne mentions she does not know how Montbarron could enter, when no one except herself and her mother were able to set foot on the holy ground. When the player remarks it could have been a trial of the Gods to test her faith, Jeyne reacts with remorse and admits she betrayed them.


If the player decides to kill Jeyne

After the game's final battle, the player can decide over Jeyne Kassynder's fate.

The player can choose to kill her. However, if they do not, there are four different options what to do with her.

  • Order her to rebuild the nation.
  • Hand her over to Queen Roslyn - The queen treats her well, but Jeyne is eventually killed in her sleep. The image suggests she saw it coming and let the people do it, as a way to atone for what she has done.
  • Send her into exile.
  • Put her on trial - Jeyne is sentenced to life imprisonment in the Glitterdelve mines.

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