j4s0n's Jill of the Jungle: The Complete Trilogy (PC) review

Fun to this day!

Of all the PC games that came out in the early 90's, no other game gave me as much enjoyment as Jill of the Jungle.  And I say that without hesitation.

You know how some of the older games were fun back in the day, but when you go back and play them now they don't seem that great?  That's not the case with Jill of the Jungle.  A few months ago I was digging through my old floppy disks and came across my old copy of Jill of the Jungle (the full version with all three games).  I loaded DosBox (which is a great emulator by the way), and started Jill of the Jungle with it.

I played through all three games in the series again, and had a great time doing so!  The graphics and music really brought back old memories.  I recommend this game even to people who have never played it before.  It really is fun!


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