Awesome Jill Valentine Figurine

#1 Posted by Linkyshinks (9880 posts) -

As a closet Otaku I really love this kinda thing, just check out this beautifully crafted Jill Valentine figurine :O  
The Jill Valentine figure from Hot Toys is only 1/6 scale and is based off Jill's Resident Evil 5 Alternative/Gold Edition incarnation. It's 28cm tall and includes interchangeable palms and am assortment of weaponry.     




 Hot Toys Japan will release the figurine this September at ¥18,000 - English:
#2 Posted by Icemael (6368 posts) -

That's some fine craftsmanship. 

But the price is, as usual, completely ridiculous.

#3 Posted by Shirogane (3585 posts) -

Wow, the Momohime one looks awesome, it's got more detail than the actual ingame sprite! 
The Jill one looks pretty damn good, except her face or eyes or something seems a bit weird, but i can tell that's some high quality craftsmanship right there.
#4 Posted by Icemael (6368 posts) -
@Linkyshinks: Wow. I might have to pick up that Momohime figure. It's beautiful, and while the price still is a little bit ridiculous... what the hell, there must be some game release I can skip. 
I presume you know of a site that ships to Europe. Any chance you could share?
#5 Posted by BraveToaster (12588 posts) -

now that is one doll that I wouldn't mind playing with. *wink* *wink*

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