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Jimenez serves on the team of the Blue Jet as a security officer. He has an abrasive, flippant personality that most of the other crew dislike.  In sector Bootes, Jimenez befriends the demon Bugaboo, who acts as his pet.  

The Chaos Hero

 Post-fusion Jimenez.
After being captured by Jack Squad during the exploration of the sixth sector, Fornax,  Jimenez and Bugaboo become the subjects of biological experimentation between humans and demons, which brings Bugaboo to the brink of death. Even as the main character tries to help them out, Jimenez wishes to save Bugaboo's life at the expense of his own humanity. He forces the main character to use the Demon Summoning Program to fuse he and Bugaboo together, which results in grafting features of Bugaboo onto Jimenez's body and granting him all the powers of a demon. Jimenez's violent new nature makes him the ultimate representative of the Chaos alignment.

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