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Jimmy Saint is a stranger that John Marston can run into while exploring Gaptooth Ridge. He introduces himself as a journalist from a newspaper back east and has come to the west to find inspiration for his writing. He's known as the Funny Man in the journal and on the map when his mission line is active. The first time John meets him, he will introduce himself as a journalist who's been having trouble with his writing lately. He has an idea that the western frontier lifestyle will inspire him and get him out of his slump. Other encounters involve him getting in trouble with various gangs in both America and once in Mexico. Eventually after being captured numerous times by gangs and being saved by John Marston, he eventually gives up on finding inspiration in the west and moves back east to Manhattan.

Undead Nightmare

Jimmy returns in the Undead Nightmare pack, as one of the undead. He is the  "boss" zombie at the Tumbleweed Cemetery. 

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