Jin's Friends

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For all the characters listed below, which of the following character(s) do you want Armor King that replace as Jin Kazama's friend or as a bestfriend? Give a reason.

a) Lars Alexanderson (Friend in Tekken 6)

b) Raven (Friend in Movie)

c) Steve Fox (Friend in Movie)

d) Eddy Gordo (Friend in Tekken 6)

e) Ling Xiaoyu (Friend in many tekken series)

f) Christie Monterio (Friend in Movie)

g) Nina Williams (Friend in Tekken 6)

h) Hwoarang (Possibly a friend)

i) Jun Kazama (Mother and mentor to Jin)

j) Alisa Bokonovitch (Friend in Tekken 6)

k) Nancy M1847J (Friend in Tekken 6)

l) Asuka Kazama (Cousin & Possibly in tekken 5)

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