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Character History

Like his brothers, Jiro is of mixed Japanese and various Hispanic blood. His parents are Kaisho and Brisa.

Jiro was born a twin, mere minutes younger than his brother, Kazuo. Both Kaisho and Brisa were Air Elementals, but the twins were Earth Elementals. Wanting an Air Elemental child as well, like them, they adopted a young boy, Shinji, a year later.

Kazuo began to grow resentful of Shinji, and to a lesser extent, Jiro. He felt as if their parents favored Shinji over him, and Jiro, who had grown close to Shinji and protected him from Kazuo's outbursts, became a traitor in his eyes. Kazuo became so violent, that the Ozawas had to send him away to a special boarding school.

In their teens, Jiro still felt that he had to be Shinji's protector. Although Shinji still loved and respected his brother, he began to feel overwhelmed and acted out. Eventually as students at San Bruno High School, Shinji joined a gang called The Rivals, rising up quickly through the ranks and eventually becoming its leader. He also began dating a girl named Michelle Walters.

Jiro tried his damnedest to get his brother out of The Rivals. Shinji misread his intentions as trying to steal Michelle from him, and she tried to stop the two from fighting. The fight resulted in Michelle being gravely injured, instead. As Michelle disappeared from the Ozawa brothers' lives, Shinji began dating another member of The Rivals, Mai Phong.

After Jiro finally defeated Shinji in combat, The Rivals disbanded. However, it wasn't long before another major threat to the brothers arrived; Kazuo had escaped the boarding school, and was looking to enact his revenge, having well over a decade of malice stewing within him. To make matters worse, a mysterious illness began stealing students' Elemental abilities, and Michelle had returned with fire abilities and a new, dangerous second personality.


Jiro is mostly an up-close to close/mid range fighter. He does have a projectile, Terrakinesis, which is slow-moving and useful for setting up traps; letting loose a block of earth and forcing the opponent in its path with close pressure is a cornerstone (no pun intended) of Jiro's gameplay. In Elemental Revolt, he had a quick parry in Stone Defense; it was removed from Battle High 2 due to being overpowered.

In Battle High 2, some of Jiro's punching moves, such as his Landslide Smash and Mountain Upper, have his arms temporarily covered in rock.

Jiro's Elemental Super is Terra Tackle. He digs himself underground, and the player can move him under the opponent to catch them, popping out of the ground to catch them with a suplex and punching them as they hit the ground. In Battle High 2 A+, this move is tweaked to automatically move to the opponent's position, and is better at catching airborne opponents.

Characters in Battle High 2 have a second super move, the "Elemental Overdrive". Unbreakable is the name of Jiro's, and it gives him temporary Super Armor. Elemental Overdrives are removed from Battle High 2 A+.

In Battle High 2 and Battle High 2 A+, Jiro is voiced by veteran voice actor Kyle Hebert.

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