So, what do you guys think?

#1 Posted by bwheeeler (679 posts) -

I got the game free from Raptr and I've played a couple worlds so far. It's...a lot like Joe Danger. It's fun, for sure, but I'm not really feeling it like I did the first game. It's just that with some vehicles that handle slightly differently. I just wish the developers went totally crazy, like the Trials guys did for Evolution. Instead, they played it safe.

And the director fucking sucks.

#2 Posted by KneehighPark (17 posts) -

Yeah, I'm reviewing it for another site, and I agree. The main problem I have with the game is that it focuses way too much on other vehicles. Don't get me wrong, I like using the jetpack and skis and such, but the motorcycle isn't the main attraction anymore, and it is the one vehicle that handles the best.

I don't mind the director, but I do feel that a lot of the levels that still require a high degree of skill have a lot of setpiece moments that get in the way. There is one level in particular where you have to chase thugs down the busy street, and there is a lot going on. It's very easy to hit explosives and bail, or switch lanes into a vehicle.

Still a fun game. My site doesn't use scores, but I would give it a 4/5. To me the original was a 5/5.

#3 Posted by spiceninja (3144 posts) -

@KneehighPark: I too got this free from Raptr and I absolutely love it. I think it's fantastic and I love the movie shoot aesthetic they went with. I never played the original so I don't really have anything as a reference for quality on whether or not it's better or worse.

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