Video in which Jeff throws a chair at Patrick?

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I've heard several people reference a video in that Jeff throws a chair at Patrick when playing Joust. Does anyone know where that went?

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I'm pretty sure it was part of the second Big Live Live Show Live. Not sure about when in the video it is but there you go.

Edit- Found it (12:05)

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Edit 2- Never mind that wasn't it but I'm pretty sure it was caught on tape somewhere during the BLLSL 2 so maybe watch the whole thing and see if you find it.

Edit 3- Also Will Smiths hilarious "O" face at 29:34

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I know Patrick mentioned this happening but I'm pretty sure this wasn't actually captured on film, sadly.

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That joust segment just needs some of this in the background.

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Them playing Joust... 3 years ago.

And this week they were playing some Sportsfriends. Kind of crazy.

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Watched the whole segment, it was super dumb and fun looking but alas no chair throwing was done..

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Man, it's kinda weird how different Patrick looks with a bit of facial hair. I know this is years ago, but still.

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I think it was on the "second video feed" segment of the big live show. I haven't seen that archived any where.

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Man, I miss the Big Live Live Show Live. And I don't.

I mean, the first is still the greatest, just for how out of control the block party got and how scrappy but lovable the whole thing felt. Second one was still pretty great, though they had things more under control. But it just wasn't the same in the CBSi offices, because A) their CBSi set is still really clearly converted office space, and not nearly as cool as all the brick walls in the last Whiskey Media office, and B) it really wasn't the same without all the Tested and Screened shenanigans. Brad's Mile High Club redeemed that last one, but until that point I really wasn't feeling it all that much.

And doing another one just wouldn't feel right without Ryan, so I'm glad they've retired it.

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All the teams being bought out by different owners and then seperating was such a damn shame. I miss the comraderie between everyone, and it will not be happen ever again =(

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@bisonhero: I seem to remember Jeff saying on his Tumblr that they were considering doing another one this year, so not sure if they have retired it.

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